When you upgrade to Sage MAS 90 or MAS 200 v4.4, you must prepare your Payroll Data entry imports prior to upgrading in order for them to work in v4.4 MAS90.   If you don’t, when you try to compile the PR.DATAENT import you will receive  an error message, and the job will delete.   If you try to import the job without following  below tip, the import will delete when you attempt to compile.

This is due to the job validations existing in the prior version  containing obsolete file references that no longer exist in the data dictionary in v4.4.

Here is the best way to prepare your import for Payroll.

Prior to importing/migrating the job to version 4.40.x:

  1. Log into an earlier version of Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200 (for example, version 4.30).
  2. Select Visual Integrator, Main, and Import Job Maintenance.
  3. Select the PR.DATAENT import job.
  4. Click Validation. Click OK at the warning message.
  5. Select the Check_Bank_Code field. Click Del to remove it.
  6. Export and migrate the job to version 4.40.
  7. Start version 4.40. Import the job.
  8. Add the Check_Bank_Code column on the Validation tab, as shown below. Choose the file name GL_Bank and Key Expression PR6$(20,1). Alternately, select the Resetbutton to reset all Validation.

SAGE Resolution ID  525271

Jim Woodhead
DSD Business Systems

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