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This error is related to the “DEP” on the WIN 2008 server and you need to disable the DEP from checking the Launcher32.exe file.

You might ask what DEP is?   Well  Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a security feature that can help prevent damage to your computer from viruses and other security threats. Harmful programs can try to attack Windows by attempting to run (also known as execute) code from your computer’s memory reserved for Windows and other authorized programs. These types of attacks can harm your programs and files.DEP can help protect your computer by monitoring your programs to make sure that they use computer memory safely. If DEP notices a program on your computer using memory incorrectly, it closes the program and notifies you

Turns out that  MAS90 or 200 are not compatible with DEP on Version 4.30 and it must be disabled.  Otherwise you will receive the force close  errors and Exception error like the one below.

Exception EAccessViolation in Module RpcRtRemote.dll at
Access violation at Address 74D31479 in module
‘RpcRTRemote.dll’.  Write of address 74D31479


So the best way to resolve it is by disabling the  DEP when launching the MAS90/200

Here is  how you disable it.

I must give  kudos  to Nathan Shaw  for the solution.

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