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We have recently have  had some of our clients ask how to fax from inside MAS90.

Version Reported: 4.30 and 4.4x

Review the following Microsoft knowledge base article for Fax setup

How to enable and configure the fax service in Windows XP
How to enable and configure the fax service in Vista and Window 7
Managing Faxes in Windows Small Business Server 2008

Setting Up Paperless Office in MAS90/MAS200

Special MAS200:    Setup Note with Sage MAS 200, the log on account running the application server service must have access to the fax machine on a network level. If not, the message “Error has occurred during Faxing, please check the default fax setup in Customer Maintenance” occurs when clicking “Send Test Fax” button in Sage MAS 200.

Install Windows fax service on the Sage MAS 200 application server. The modem must be located at the application server. Share the fax with all Sage MAS 200 users, install the fax service on the workstation, and map the workstation to the fax machine on the server.

  • Set up Microsoft fax service, and define the location in Company Maintenance
    1. Set up Microsoft fax service on the workstation, and map to the shared fax on the server.
    2. Expand Library Master and Main. Double-click Company Maintenance.
    3. Click the Fax tab.
    4. In the Default Fax Printer list, select the shared fax.
    5. In the Fax Cover Page field, browse to the cover letter (.cov format).
    6. Click the Send Test Fax button to send a test fax.
    7. Complete all fields, and perform the test fax. Verify that the test was successful by confirming the test fax displays in the Outbox folder in Microsoft Fax.
  • Establish Paperless Office Options for forms
    1. Expand Paperless Office and Setup. Double-click Paperless Office Options.
    2. In the Enable Electronic Delivery and PDF Storage and Load Data on Initial Viewer Access sections, select all check boxes.
    3. Expand Paperless Office and Setup. Double-click Form Maintenance.
    4. Select the company, module, and document.
      Note: We recommend defining a combination of all companies, all modules, all documents initially.
    5. In the PDF Directory field, select a valid directory.
    6. In the Override Password and Confirm Password fields, enter the password.
    7. Click Accept.
  • Set up the customer or vendor for faxing
    1. Open the maintenance window for customers or vendors:
      • Expand Accounts Receivable and Main. Double-click Customer Maintenance.
      • Expand Accounts Payable and Main. Double-click Vendor Maintenance.
    2. Select the customer or vendor record for faxing.
    3. Click the Main tab.
    4. In the Fax field, enter the fax number without dashes or parenthesis (for example, 7145551234).
      The parenthesis and dashes are automatically added.
    5. Press ENTER.
    6. Click the Paperless button.
    7. In the Document list, select the appropriate document (for example, select S/O Invoice in Customer Maintenance).
    8. In the PDF Delivery Options section, select the Fax check box.
    9. Click the Fax tab.
    10. In the Fax Options section, select the options, and then click Accept.
      Note: Define at least one option besides the Contact Code field.
  • Fax the form through the printing task
    1. In the transaction window, select the form to fax (for example, Sales Order Invoice), and then click Quick Print.
    2. In the Delivery Options list, select the appropriate delivery option (for testing purposes, select Electronically Deliver Only).
    3. Click the E-mail button.
    4. Select the Fax check box.
    5. In the From Fax Number and From Name fields, enter the sender information. If a message is defined in Electronic Delivery Message Maintenance, select the Use Fax Message check box or enter a subject. The OK button is disabled until all required fields are completed.
    6. Click OK, and then click Print. Notice the fax previews in .pdf format.


  • Faxing multiple invoices may require closing the preview window to send the next invoice.
  • In the print window, we recommend selecting the Print Invoices already Printed check box (or its equivalent) to ensure the forms fax.
  • Do not use the standard form code (as the Electronic Delivery Options may not save).

If you have any questions or need assistance please call our help desk at DSD Business Systems

Jim Woodhead is Vice President of Professional Services of DSD Business Systems, a national provider of on-demand (cloud) and on-premises ERP and CRM software, specializing in wholesale distribution, manufacturing, warehouse management, inventory, business intelligence and eCommerce software. DSD offers Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90), Sage 300 (formerly Accpac), Sage 500 (formerly MAS 500), NetSuite, Sage FAS, Sage HRMS (formerly Abra), Sage CRM, Sage SalesLogix, Extended Solutions, and Custom Programming.
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