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Now that the giant FRX has fallen from the ranks of Financial Statement writing champion, a battle is beginning between BizNet Insight and Sage MAS Intelligence (SMI) a.k.a. Alchemex. I recently received the following  marketing piece with a comparison of the two products.  It is definitely biased towards  the BizNet product but I provided it because it does give some decent information about both products.  The key things missing  (not even mentioned)  are that SMI has a  killer BI dashboard out of the box and the fact that the base SMI product is free for all SAGE customers with current SMP’s.

Let the battle begin!!

Marketing piece directly  from BIZNET Software

If you would like more information about either  BizNet or SMI  Please contact our office.

Jim Woodhead

DSD Business Systems


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A Fellow Sage Partner ,  Clients First Business Solutions,  recently held a webinar for Sage MAS 90, MAS 200, Extended Enterprise (EES) and MAS 500 end users showing the new  SAGE MAS Intelligence Excel based reporting tool that Sage is using to replace FRx.  This solution embeds as an extension to excel and then  reports on not just financial data (like FRx) but also non financial data such as dashboards, aging reports, KPI’s etc.

The video explains both the similarities and differences between the previous solution, Microsoft FRx and SMI.  You can think of  SMI as  Business Intelligence Dashboard and financial statement  solution that is embedded into Microsoft Excel that can directly read and understand MAS 90/200/500 data files.  It’s designed to create a walk a user through creating not only financial reports and statements, but other types of non-financial reports such as dashboards, analytics, KPI’s and even traditional reports such as an AR customer aging.

If you have any questions on this product feel free to call us at  858 550-5900    or contact Jeff Keirns   jeffk@dsdinc.com   for more information or to arrange a one on one demonstration.

Jim Woodhead

DSD Business Systems



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CRM Implementation

Implementing a CRM System can be a complex project, not necessarily because of the technical aspects of the solution, but more so because of the challenges associated with leveraging the technology and integrating that with the people who will use the system each day. All CRM implementations inevitably will need to deal with issues pertaining to automating daily tasks, obtaining user buy-in, avoiding automating bad processes, and embedding CRM as a philosophy into the organization.

Below is a list of our “Top 6” tips to help you navigate your CRM Implementation, and improve your chances of success. These tips have been generated over 10 years, as the result of completing almost 300 successful CRM deployments.

  1. Designate an internal champion. Regardless of how good your CRM Implementation consultant is, you still need to have an internal CRM Champion – someone who has sufficient “power” within the organization to get things done, to set direction, and the authority to make things happen.
  2. Before you start, determine what success is. Don’t be one of the organizations that goes into your CRM implementation not knowing what you want out of it, and how you will measure success. Set objective goals and targets, and check on your progress towards meeting them on a regular basis.
  3. Don’t rush things. Regardless of what anyone says, a CRM Implementation cannot be rushed. Don’t buy into marketing and promotions that suggest you can be up and running in “hours”. Can you have software turned on within hours? Sure you can, but that is about 1% of a CRM implementation. What value are you going to get out of such an implementation? Absolutely none. Successful CRM implementations take time, require planning, require adjustment, and cannot be rushed. Expect 3-6 months, elapsed, to have everything in place, and operating at peak efficiency.
  4. Don’t do it yourself. There are certain jobs at home, or in the office that make sense to “do yourself”. Home Depot and Staples are built on this premise. Neither of them sell CRM, and for good reason. More than 80% of CRM implementations attempted “in house” ultimately fail. Why? CRM Implementation is a specialty. Its very different than, say, a network restructure, or an office suite deployment. A CRM Implementation is 20% technology, and 80% other things. Is your “IT Guy” really qualified to re-design your business processes? Is your marketing person really fit to rework your order processing group? Have any of them ever done such a project before? Are they all familiar with best practices that cover all of these subjects? Make use of a skilled, experienced CRM implementation specialist, and you are far more likely to have a smooth, successful implementation that will begin returning value to you quickly.
  5. Plan for tomorrow, not today. Its very easy to look at your current problems, and focus only on them. Certainly your CRM implementation should help you solve todays issues, however, you need to keep your eye on what your challenges will be 1, 2, 5, 10 years from now and ensure your system will grow, flex, and expand to meet those needs. Pick the right platform, implement it properly, and leave room for growth. After all, you do hope to grow your business, right? Just like when you buy new shoes for your 13 year old… leave some “toe room”.
  6. Pay attention to “TCO” – total cost of ownership. Unlike most other system implementations, a CRM system should have a negative cost of ownership, meaning that over the life of the system, it should save you much more than the investment required to implement it. A quality CRM implementation should include a plan that will provide you with total return on investment within 2 years, and possibly much less. Compare this with other IT projects – which generally have return on investment periods of 5-7 years.

If you have any questions please contact us at DSD Business Systems


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