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For those of you interested, here is the last roadmap published by Sage Software  during their August 2010 Partner meeting. It details how Sage is handling the FRX retirement and rollout of Sage MAS Intelligence.  It discusses the upcoming features and rollout schedule for the new versions of MAS 90 and 200.  Additionally it discusses the new MAS200 SQL product that was released during  October 2010.

Thanks to  Wayne Schulz for providing a copy of the Road Map.

Sage MAS 90 and 200 Roadmap – As of August 2010

If you have any question about the  roadmap.  Please contact our support desk at DSD Business Systems


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Have you ever wondered about how to automate the process of entering Accounts Receivable invoices into Sage MAS 90 ERP? How about uploading Sales Order data while you sleep at night, ready to process by the time you arrive in the morning?

With the Sage MAS 90 Visual Integrator (VI) module, users can automate the import of Accounts Receivable, Sales Order, or other types of data, by running a VI job from the command line. A Visual Integrator job or any other Sage MAS 90 program can run independent of Sage MAS 90, with a Windows task, a batch file, or similar method. This allows a user to run the job after business hours, or several times a day, without anyone having to log in to Sage MAS 90.

Please review the details below for examples and notes regarding the command line structure:

Note this is for Version 4.xx

The following information must be included in the command line:

..MAS90HomePvxwin32.exe ..launchersota.Ini ..SOAStartup.M4P -ARG DIRECT (UI State) (User Logon) (Password) (CompanyCode) (Program Name) (Program Argument)


..MAS90HomePvxwin32.exe ..LauncherSota.Ini ..SOAStartup.M4P -ARG DIRECT UION myuser mypassword ABC VIWI00 AUTO


  • If an argument has no value (for example: if the User Logon has no password), use quotation marks (“”) to hold the arguments in place.
  • The User Logon above refers to the Sage MAS 90 or Sage MAS 200 ERP user logon setup in User Maintenance (not the User Code field in User Maintenance).
  • UIState—Set this argument to either UION or UIOFF. This setting specifies if a User Interface exists (for example: a user could receive notification of errors in a message box.)
  • Set the Program Argument to Auto or Manual. The Manual option forces the import job interface to launch, and requires the user to click Accept. Use the Manual option to test your procedure, then use the Auto option once you have verified that the job launches correctly in the Manual option.
  • For batch file command lines, use this example as a model:

    CD F:Version4Mas90Home
    Pvxwin32.exe ..LauncherSota.Ini ..SOAStartup.M4P -ARG DIRECT UION myuser mypassword ABC VIWI00 MANUAL
    REM Note we set the current directory to Home first
    REM Note we set the program argument to MANUAL initially
  • Any program run with a command line on version 4.0 must exist as a Task within the Sage MAS 90 or 200 Role-based security system. You must add Visual Integrator “legacy” jobs (jobs not using a 4.0 Table as the Primary Table) to the Jobs Menu before running the job with a command line. Jobs using a 4.0 Table as the Primary Table are automatically added to the Jobs Menu (for example General Ledger jobs).
  • After you add the task to the system tasks files, use Role Maintenance to grant access to the new menu for the Visual Integrator Jobs menu. The user logon specified on the command line above must belong to a role that has access to this new task or menu item.

Sage MAS 200:

  • For Sage MAS 200,  the path to the Sage MAS 90 directory used in the shortcut properties corresponds to the Sage MAS 90 directory of the Sage MAS 200 Server Installation, not the Sage MAS 90 directory on the workstation. In the VI job, enter the path to the Import File/Export File as it appears from the WORKSTATION, and uncheck the ‘On Host’ option.


If you have any questions or need assistance creating or automating an import,   please contact our support  desk at DSD Business Systems

Jim Woodhead

VIA  Sage e-bulletin


Recently with Vista and Window 7,  we are having reports of the images disappearing from the taskbar on the MAS90/ MAS200 launcher.  It turns out that  it is due to a resolution issue in windows and MAS.

In order to fix it, you need to change the DPI setting  back to the default settings (96 Pixels Per Inch/100%).
Here are detailed instructions  for Window 7/Vista followed by Win XP.

  • Windows 7/Vista
    1. Right-click on Desktop
    2. Select Personalize.
    3. Click on Display link (bottom left).
    4. Select ‘Smaller – 100% (default)’
    5. Click Apply to save changes.
  • Windows XP
    1. Right-click on Desktop.
    2. Select Properties
    3. Go to the Settings tab.
    4. Click Advanced.
    5. Change DPI settings to ‘Normal size (96 DPI).
    6. Click Apply to save changes.

If you need any assistance with this please call our support desk at DSD Business Systems

Jim Woodhead


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Now that the giant FRX has fallen from the ranks of Financial Statement writing champion, a battle is beginning between BizNet Insight and Sage MAS Intelligence (SMI) a.k.a. Alchemex. I recently received the following  marketing piece with a comparison of the two products.  It is definitely biased towards  the BizNet product but I provided it because it does give some decent information about both products.  The key things missing  (not even mentioned)  are that SMI has a  killer BI dashboard out of the box and the fact that the base SMI product is free for all SAGE customers with current SMP’s.

Let the battle begin!!

Marketing piece directly  from BIZNET Software

If you would like more information about either  BizNet or SMI  Please contact our office.

Jim Woodhead

DSD Business Systems

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